Stress is a normal part of life. When it goes unmanaged, however, it can cause a lot of damage to your body and overall well-being. From a loss of appetite or a change in your sleeping habits, many people don’t fully understand the importance of managing that inevitable stress when it happens.

In today’s blog post from Balance Yoga Center, we’ll offer some tips for managing day-to-day stress so that you can stay happy and healthy. Our favorite way to manage stress is by taking a yoga class! To view our extensive class schedule and membership options, visit Balance Yoga Center in San Jose today.

Eliminate Negativity

The first step in managing your stress level is by removing unnecessary negativities in your life –– the things that you know stress you out. If you don’t like crowds or busy spaces, you can avoid going to the store when you know it will be busy. It may seem like an easy answer, but even small changes to your routine can have a great impact on your stress level.

Make a Schedule

One of the biggest causes of stress is the feeling of being rushed. Nobody enjoys being late to work, right? You can easily solve this problem by creating a schedule to live by. This will help you manage your time more effectively so that you can eliminate that rushing feeling and relax a little bit.

Do One Thing at a Time

It’s easy to get caught up in the world of social media or the news while you’re doing things like eating or exercising. However, focusing on just one thing at a time allows your head to breathe a little bit. You don’t need to watch TV or scroll Instagram while you’re riding the exercise bike at the gym.


Speaking of the gym, a great way to relieve stress is to exercise on a regular basis. Exercise releases endorphins that improve our mood and working up a sweat is a great way to expel some of that negative, stressful energy. To sign up for one of our San Jose yoga classes, visit us online or stop by the studio today!


Last, but definitely not least, is to allow yourself to rest. Trust us, it’s okay to do, well, nothing at all. Your body needs rest just as much as it needs food in order to function. Take a break. Read a book! Just relax for a minute, or even a whole day if you need it.

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Balance Yoga Center in San Jose is a great option when you’re looking for a little bit of stress-relief in the form of exercise. Adding a weekly yoga class to your routine is a great way to keep your stress levels under control. Our experienced yoga instructors can work with you no matter your skill level. Stop by our San Jose studio today to learn more about our memberships, and start taking control of your stress right away!