We use P.E.M.® Yoga Flooring. It's a special, Poly-Extruded Matting that has been specifically designed for extreme durability and ease of use around moisture and humidity.  Very simply, it's the very best flooring choice for a yoga studio Floor.
  • Safe, textured slip-resistant surface provides sure footing for your students' optimum safety
  • Shock absorbing cushion for less stress on the body and less risk of injury
  • Porous construction allows ventilation to prevent stagnant water buildup
  • Special waterproof material does not absorb water nor stay wet like carpet, and is specially designed to allow for moisture evaporation, which prevents mildew, fungi and bacteria growth.
  • Contains Micro-Chek® Anti-Microbial, a non-leachable biocide that further guards against the growth of mildew, fungi and bacteria.
  • Does not release particles, filaments, or harmful outgases like carpet, providing a dust-free, less-toxic, and hypoallergenic environment.
  • Lab tested durability with a guaranteed 10 year OUTDOOR rating. Indoors with proper maintenance, it should outlast 5 or more carpet lifetimes.
  • Lab tested heat resilience up to 180°F.