Gentle Yoga
Yin Yoga
Theraputic / Restorative

Gentle Yoga explores asanas (yoga postures) in a safe, gentle way without heat or extreme movement of the body. A great class for all levels but especially for beginners, those sensitive to heat, or those healing from injury. The class will gently take you through meditation, pranayama (breathing), standing asanas, and floor asanas to build strength, flexibility, and proper alignment.
Yin Yoga theory approaches the subtle energy and physical body through
softening surrender. We are passive, light, and receptive. This softness
of body/mind allows Chi to move through the meridians to restore health
in all systems and organs of the body. Yin Yoga stretches the
connective tissues and allows for this spaciousness to penetrate and
heal our bone structures with a greater range of motion in the
flexibility of the body. Passive asanas are held for up to five minutes,
giving the practice a strong foundation in mindfulness and meditation,
as the source of yin energy arises in stillness. It is accessible to and
benefits all students of yoga, both beginner and advanced. Each class
is 90 minutes and taught in a warm room.
This gentle class incorporates pranayama (breath work), therapeutics
(yoga and other movement modalities that help to bring the body into
balance), restorative yoga (supported postures to calm the nervous
system, give gentle traction to the spine, and promote deep relaxation),
and meditation.