Buns and Guns

The "Buns and Guns" workout will focus on building a better, shapelier, and stronger body. The class will give you a full body workout, focusing on working the legs, glutes, and core muscles. Full body workouts are designed to build the most powerful muscles and leanest physiques.  Who wouldn't want to have rounder, perkier, and shapelier glutes as well as a strong body in general? This class will build a beautiful, strong backside and it will focus on large muscles for maximum calorie expenditure and fat burn. Strong glutes improve speed and acceleration, balance, and alignment. Having strong glutes also relieves back pain and prevents back stress. Glutes are the center of your body and they are involved in nearly all movement patterns. The class will not be heated but get ready to work your buns off! Bring a yoga mat, water bottle, and a towel.