BYC 30 Day Challenge

The BYC 30 Day Challenge works like this: Practice EVERYDAY for 30 days... FEEL AMAZING !!
  • You may choose ANY day to start your challenge.
  • If you must miss a day (or two) within your 30 days, you will be able to take a double (2 classes in a day) to make up for it
  • Triples (3 classes in a day) are not allowed
  • 15 doubles does not count.
Sign Up:
  • Fill out a "yoga cup" worksheet.
  • Pin it to the challenge board.
  • Keep track of your classes using the stickers.
Good Luck !
You Can Do It!
The biggest reward is the personal achievement and great physical, mental, and spiritual benefits you will receive. However, you will also be memorialized forever on our Yoga Challenge plaque.