We will be hosting her first 200 Hour Hot Yoga Teacher training in the months of March, April, May and June.  Several of you have expressed an interest in diving into Hot Yoga at a much deeper level.  Yoga is much more than just the physical expression of asanas, it is a journey, a transformation of your inner being.  I know what it has done for me mentally, physically and emotionally, perhaps you feel the same.

Our training will be heavy on dissecting the 26 asanas thereby deepening your understanding of the practice along with Sanskrit pronunciation, Anatomy, Philosophy, Prenatal and Teaching Methodology.  The History of Yoga and the Bhagavad Gita will be taught in depth by our beloved teacher Prajna Vieira.  Our training is divided into tiers, for different levels of students.  We are looking for students who love Hot Yoga, are dedicated to the practice, and have benefitted from the therapeutic aspect of the practice.  Whether you would like to teach or deepen your understanding of the practice, this training will provide you with a holistic approach to a lifelong practice that you can sustain.

This is our chance to teach you much more than we can in a traditional classroom setting.  We have several serious Hot Yoga practitioners that need teachers who are knowledgeable, enthusiastic, energetic and can provide a meditative space where they can safely pursue their practice.  We need teachers who believe in what they teach.

If you are a serious practitioner and have been thinking about this for a long time – wait no longer and embark on this journey with us!  Contact Mike or me with any questions.


Only $2800 early bird by 3/1 . Payment plans and scholarships available

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 This gets you 200 Hour Certified In-House/External Yoga Instructor

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Get A Refresher course for 200 hour Hot Yoga Certified Instructors

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